To set up the equipment and to do a short soundcheck 45 minutes will be neede before the start of the event at the planned location. A socket is absolutely necessary, nothing more. If the music is desired "unplugged" , the preparation time is reduced accordingly.

Please send your contact details with the necessary information about your planned event. Upon receipt of your request, you will get contacted within 48 hours. If you leave your telephone number, we will gladly call you back. Of course, every request will be answered, even if there is already an appointment on your desired date.


For each started hour, the cost is 250 euros incl. tax, regardless of the number of songs played during that time. The price always includes the technical equipment, the preparatory discussions and the rehearsing of any wish songs that are not in the reportoire.


Travel expenses will be added. Rob also offers to take over the moderation of your event! (People love him doing that!)


The construction and dismantling time of the equipment will not be billed, it is part of the service.


Debut was

March 16th 2018

Commodore Bar & Grill

Nashville / TN / USA


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