You love them or you hate them! Tattoos! I myself am one of those fans of that special body art and I find beautiful engraved artwork attractive and just beautiful.

At the age of just 28, I got my first, long-awaited tattoo and since then I have been "under the needle" of my favorite artist Roman Melon from Ludwigsburg on a regular basis

Each of my tattoos has it's meaning and, like my songs, tells stories from my life. I think that is the key to happiness in tattoo-art, not to go with a trend.


Sure, there are and have been people in my family and among my friends who do not like tattos at all and who worry about how the tattoo might look like in a few years, what damage the tattoo ink might do to your body or that a tattoo is something for eternity and they would not want to decide for a picture on there body for that long time.


Luckily, today there is the laser technique for removing tattoos. No, let's put the jokes aside, I have a lot of tattoos now and do not regret one of them. Not even after 15 years. But, every one of my motives was good, no, very well considered.

Everyone should decide whether or not he or she may have decorated his or her skin with ink or not in the end. I think both decisions are fine and think prejudice against one or the other group completely superfluous and not helpful. They are part of my life for me, like the animals and the music!


How about you?

Time for some ink?



© 2021 by ROB GEORG



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