I will never forget that day, it was January 3rd back in 1999, it was the day our daughter Lisa was born. It was the day when I discovered a new meaning of life, a new responsibility and a knew kind of love that I never felt before. All you parents out there may understand what I am talking about.

From day one I had a very deep connection to my daughter, which only got deeper through the following years, even though we had not only fun times, especially when she was a teenager. But I think that's part of it, and it can't be easy always. As a father, you carry this fear in your heart: "What if you do and give everything you can but you fail as a father." I mean, it was kind of an experiment, I never raised a child before, and you never know if you do things right. A child doesn't come with an instruction booklet.

The years passed by so fast and she will be 21 this year. Looking at her, at this young lady that she is now, I feel more than proud to be the Dad of this wonderful human being that she is today.

It seems like I have done everything right. She has finished school and is a Make Up Artist today. Lisa is a blessing for my parents, she takes care of them at least 2 times a week, shopping groceries for them and taking them to different doctor's appointment.

She is also taking care of the ranch and all the animals together with my future son-in-law when my wife and me are recording in Nashville or when we have gigs to play.

She understands the meaning of what the word "Family" means and that makes me so proud, cause family is the biggest treasure in the world. No matter what will come, I know that my wife and me prepared her in the best way to walk her way in life.

With that song I wanted to say "Thank you" for all you are and will be, you are my gift called life.



© 2021 by ROB GEORG



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