What would the world be without love? In these times, when our world is falling apart, it's love that gives us hope and warmth.


I remember the day we tracked the instruments for this song in Nashville at Saxman Studios.

The eyes of my studio band guys were incredulous and no one could believe that after Dust, This Ain't My First Rodeo and Time For Some Ink, the recording of a country waltz was the next song on the program. The guys actually thought it was a joke at first.

After I convinced the band that I am not kidding, we went to work. When the song was fully recorded at the end, Grady Saxman, my drummer and owner of the studio, came to me and said, "Rob, this is an absolute premiere. Never before has a waltz been recorded in this studio!"

​Well, as a fan of traditional country music, I just had to have a really traditional song on my album and what could be more authentic than a country waltz telling about love?

I wrote the song for my great love, the love of my life. Even though life has brought us hard times and it has not always gone as we wished, we two carry our love within us and even though we are separated from each other, this invisible bond connects us and fills our hearts with warmth and security.



"Where love grows, life thrives - where hatred arises, doom threatens."
Mahatma Ghandi

© 2021 by ROB GEORG



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