Do you know that? During your life, you lose loved ones on the way. By death, abandonment, conscious decision of one's own, or simply because you are too busy with your work or circumstances in life, you could not stay in touch.

You can't get certain people out of your head, even if they have not been part of your life for many years. Moments, memories and faces are part of the everyday thoughts and they can not be switched off or repressed.

These are the thoughts that the song "Ghost" describes. Moments that can only take place in your head, because it is no longer possible to spend time with that person.

Often there is only a photo left that shows the loved one, sometimes not even that. Then there are places, smells, objects or even songs that are able to put us back in time in our world of thoughts for a short time.

These are the moments songwriters Rob George, Shane Bates, Kristin K. Smith and Skot Bradley have tried to put into words and music. For Shane Bates, this is the first project to find its way to publication.

Whatever happens, no matter how old we get, we carry the loved ones with us in our hearts and will be remembered again and again.


Who is your Ghost?

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