You bought it, we brought it! - This slogan was coined by the truck drivers in North America and brings it exactly to the point. This saying expresses in a few words what we unfortunately all forget too often: The importance of truck drivers for our modern society.


No matter which continent we look at, around the globe our modern life would come to a complete standstill within a few days if truck drivers were to quit work overnight.No more food and drinks in the supermarket shelves, no gas or diesel more at the gas station, no furniture in the furniture stores, no more medicines in pharmacies, your new car you would have to pick up directly at the factory or port (theoretically, because there are no more fuel), the list is endless.


We are all unaware of the personal sacrifices of women and men behind the wheel - missed birthdays and anniversaries, not seeing children grow up, not being close to the family, not being able to enjoy hobbies, and the consequent relinquishment of social contacts e.g. in a club.


We thank our soldiers with "Thanks for your service!", but I have never heard this saying to a truck driver. Instead, many people perceive it as a nuisance that causes disruption on motorways and highways, or "unacceptable noise pollution" within communities.With this song, I would like to thank you, dear Trucker, for your service and encourage other people to look at your work from a different perspective.  Always stay safe on the road - you are awesome!

© 2021 by ROB GEORG



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