In October/November 2018, Rob was in Nashville for a few weeks to record his new songs at Saxman Studios and Sound Emporium Studios, both located in Music City. It was an incredible feeling for him, to see his songs brought to life by his producer Kristin K. Smith and the insanely talented band.
Released in December 2018, the single "This Ain't My First Rodeo" , which tells of Rob's past as a professional equestrian athlete, made it into several US radio charts in February 2019, followed by the February release 2019 "Carry The Wind", which was able to stay at #1 on the US National Radio Hits Charts for 3 weeks in October 2019. Currently, his March release "Dust" is running as the third official radio release in the USA and since January 24th 2020, coincidentally also the release date of his debut album, sitting at #1 in the Country FM/AM Radio Charts of
A detailed overview of previous chart placements can be found in the EPK section along with many other interesting information such as radio recordings and press articles about Rob's music.
The album was published on January 24, 2020, a milestone in Rob's music career, his debut album. More single-releases will be dropping in the coming months, lately the single "My Family's Got Fur" June 10th, 2020. He was awarded "Breakthrough Country Artist 2020" in March 2020 by



Rob's third radio release did hit the #1 in 5 different US Radio Charts. New Music Weekly Country for 10 weeks, the Indie Country World Chart for two weeks, the New Music Weekly Indie Country Charts for 10 weeks, the US Western Region Charts for 10 weeks, and the National Radio Hits AC Charts for 2 weeks. So he topped the charts with all of his 3 so far radio releases.
Now Radio Release Nr. 4 is available for Radio Programmers, let's see if he's able to top the Charts with the song "Ghost" one more time.


He won the New Music Award in the USA in the category "Breakthrough Country Artist 2020" and is nominated for the Fair Play Country Music Award in the Netherlands of which the winners will be announced in November 2020.



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